We Care. We can help Reduce the cost of separation by inexpensive mediation Find out more  We Understand Family Law is our specialty when mediation is not a choice. How we can help 

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Greta and her team understand and care about the legal issues influencing your life today.

How can you keep the costs of legal fees to a minimum.
Mediation is always the best option to have an amicable separation at a fraction of the cost, of going through the family court system.

Greta also understands that sometimes relationships have gone past the point of Mediation and the only way a separation can be resolved, Is by going through the court system. Her expertise in family law will guide you through the family court system and if required, your options of child custody .

Please see our list of services, as our team at King Legal can help you with all your legal problems.

Our list of services

Legal Practices Area

Family Law

Separation and divorce are never easy but you can trust Greta King and the family lawyers at King Legal to listen carefully and help make the best decisions moving forward.

Mediation - Dispute Resolution

Greta King is a Nationally accredited Mediator and operates out of Erina Central Coast, Parramatta, Newcastle and Sydney NSW.


Whether you are buying or selling property, we offer fixed price conveyancing so you know exactly what your conveyancing cost will be before you start the process

Wills & Contested Estates

Planning for the future gives you peace of mind. It takes away worries you might have about your family, loved ones and finances.

Power of Attorney

An enduring power of attorney is a legal document that lets you appoint someone to make decisions about personal or financial matters

Surrogacy Law

A Surrogacy arrangement is when a woman carries and gives birth to a child for another couple, person or same sex couple.

Criminal Law

We take on all criminal offences, including driving under the influence (also known as DUI / drink driving / drug driving) and many more criminal charges.

Employment Law

Our employment lawyers will ensure that you have the best practice employment contracts. We can also represent you at unfair dismissal or breach of contract hearings.

Business Contracts

Whether you need a business contract drafted or renewed, King Legal will ensure your interests are protected.

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    King Legal will represent you in any of the courts in New South Wales and in all other states if required.


    What ever legal questions you have, you can rely on us to advise you about the law in plain English and explain the options to you. We will keep you informed at all times, helping you to get the best results possible.


    Words From Clients

    • Thank you Greta for all of your tireless work on this in particular this past week. You have been a wonderful positive and supportive part of this whole process and critical in helping us achieve the best possible result available under the circumstances. You have done an incredible job once again and I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have you on board throughout the entire duration.

      Corri H
      Avoca Beach
    • Today marks 5 years since my family law matter was first mentioned in the Court and my daughter was placed in my care… I can’t believe that the time has gone so fast.  Once again thank you and I’m forever grateful.

      Kurt E
    • When I first met Greta I was going through the final stages of my marriage. Greta and the people who work for her were so understanding and fantastic to deal with.
      Since Greta got a great result for me and my children as in my divorce and child custody.
      Since then they have done my conveyance for my new house my Will, Power of Attorney, Enduring power of Attorney and I reccomended Greta to a friend to do a Surrogacy arrangement and they now have a new baby thanks to Gretas caring way she approaches the law.
      Thank you for the fantastic results.

      K Brydan
    • We have been a client of Greta for 12 years. She has always looked after all our legal needs.
      Greta is caring and understanding and has achieved some excellent results for all our family.
      We highly recommend Greta and her staff at King Legal. Lovely people to deal with.
      Sue and Ian O’Shea

      Sue and Ian O'Shea