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Conveyancing Sydney & Central Coast

People often think that a conveyancer is a Lawyer. That is not the case. A conveyancer can handle the transaction for your property transfer but cannot give you advice or resolve any legal issues that arise during or after the transaction. For example, items may be removed that you understand to be included in the property sale. The property could suffer damage during the contract process or you might find damage that had been covered up during inspections.

King Legal has fixed price conveyancing

Whether you are buying or selling property, we offer fixed price conveyancing so you know exactly what your conveyancing cost will be before you start the process. Please call us for a detailed conveyancing fee, information for property transactions in Sydney, Parramatta and the Central Coast. Our lawyers can also assist you with interstate and international property purchases.

It is very important that you do not sign a contract for sale until you have spoken to a lawyer. If you are planning to attend an auction, you will be expected to pay a deposit and sign a contract immediately, so please talk to King Legal property lawyers before you register for the auction.

The Benefits

  1. The conveyancing cost is usually the same
  2. If a dispute arises during the property sale or purchase, any legal costs will be much lower than retaining a lawyer who is not familiar with the property.
  3. A conveyancer cannot represent you at court – King Legal can represent you in Sydney, Parramatta, or the Central Coast courts. Even better, our lawyers have the experience to negotiate an agreement and avoid a court case.
  4. You may want a new will if you are buying or selling property – King Legal can draft your will during the property transaction process, saving you time and money,

King Legal Property Lawyers

Our property lawyers will assist you with all aspects of property law, including boundary disputes, drafting a lease or construction contract. We can also review  building contracts or leases that you have been asked to sign. Check with a lawyer before you sign any property, lease or construction contract, as you will be legally bound once signed.

The lawyers at King Legal also have the expertise to deal with property and building disputes that might occur when building a new property or renovating.

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